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Celebrity Ghosts Part 1

America is fascinated with it’s celebrities.  It’s also fascinated with the paranormal.  It seemed only natural that I should throw something together to merge the two obsessions.  The Bio channel has been cashing in on it’s new show “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” but while entertaining, the featured celebrities aren’t quite A-listers.  So I’ve  assembled this little inventory of haunted celebrities, and celebrities who have passed on but reported to still be hanging around.

HEATH LEDGER AND MICHELLE WILLIAMS – since his untimely death in 2008 Heath Ledger seems to have found a way to come back to his ex Michelle Williams.  One night Michelle was awoken to the sounds of furniture moving around the room.  She saw a shadowy figure that looked like Heath.  Another time Michelle says he visited and apologized for not being there to help raise their daughter, Matilda.

NEVE CAMPBELL – The Scream star bought a house that had been owned by a woman who was murdered in 1991. She reported paranormal activity including doors slamming, windows banging open, and ashtrays flying off shelves.  The specter of the woman has been seen by Campbell and visitors on many occasions.  Neve says she grew accustomed to the spirit, “After a while it felt normal. I'd pass her in the hallway and casually wish her good morning.”

ADELE – The phenomenal British songstress paid £7 million for a home in Sussex that had once been a convent.  Immediately after moving in Adele said she was creeped out by the place.  She told friends about hearing bangings late at night.  She was  so freaked out she moved in her female bodyguard so she wouldn’t be alone in the mansion, and hired additional security personnel.


LUCILLE BALL – Lucy seemed to have been loved by those living and dead.  During her life she managed to keep her encounters with the supernatural relatively quiet. At one time she had grown tired of being known as a comedy queen, until she was visited in a dream by her dead friend Carol Lombard, who convinced her to keep going.  Lucy’s spirit is said to frequent her old Beverly Hills home, where furniture moves and windows are found broken with no explanation, and shouting sounds have been traced to the attic.  Lucy is also believed to hang around the Paramount Studios building where DesiLu’s production offices were located.  Security guards have reported seeing a woman wandering the upper levels and smelling old flowers and perfume.

JOE HILL – The son of horror writer Stephen King has came into his own, publishing several novels of his own.  One of his works was picked up for a television pilot. While the show never got picked up, Joe’s return trip from shooting the pilot in Pittsburg led him to spend the night in the Bethleham Hotel.  The hotel’s room 932 is supposedly haunted.  Visitors can by the “Room With a Boo” package that includes spending the night in the spooked room.  The night Hill visited the room was booked and he was given room 832, directly below it.  Even so Hill woke up in the middle of the night as terrified as he’d ever been.  He was certain something was sitting on the edge of his bed and was paralyzed, unable to lift his head to see who, or what was there.  He was able to scream, quite loudly, which caused a lot of thumping from the room above to be heard.  Perhaps there were residual haunting effects from the room above experienced by Stephen King’s son that night. 

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY – Alright, alright, alright.  When Matthew McConaughey moved into his Hollywood home he and his dog spent the first night, where else, in a tent.  He awoke to the sounds of furniture moving and other weird noises.  McConaughey grabbed a baseball bat and went off to investigate, in his birthday suit.  The actor is convinced the noises he heard that night were caused by the apparition he has seen several times since then, whom he calls Madame Blue.  When talking about Madame Blue he often says the two of them get along famously, and he thinks it may be because of his constant nudity at home.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH – The Texas native and former Playmate has paranormal tales circulating from both sides of the grave.  During her life, Anna Nicole talked about an incubus that used to visit her in an apartment she once lived in.  She claimed she thought it was her boyfriend until she woke up one day and it wasn’t.  At first Smith was freaked out by it, but came to terms with it saying, “Well, you know what? He’s never hurt me and he just gave me some amazing sex so I have no problem.” And Anna Nicole isn’t the only celebrity to have encountered such a spirit.  Lucy Liu has also talked about being visited by an incubus.

After her death from an accidental overdose in 2007 Smith’s ghost has been spotted at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida where she passed away.  To discourage tourists seeking to exploit the room she died in, the hotel has since renumbered the rooms so that room 607 can’t be found.

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