Wednesday, March 20, 2013

School Shooter Wears "Killer" t shirt to Sentencing

Lane smirking while listening to the Judge
In the same manner that Charles Manson appeared in court one day during his infamous trial styling a freshly carved swastika on his forehead for the shock factor, teenage school shooter TJ Lane sat in court for his sentencing yesterday wearing a white t shirt with “Killer” written on it with a sharpie.

Lane, 18, killed three students and wounded three others, leaving one paralyzed from the waist down, when he open fire with a .22 pistol in the cafeteria of Chardon High School, just east of Cleveland, Ohio in February of 2012.  He was given three life sentences, plus an additional 37 years for attempted murder and felonious assault and using a weapon in the crimes, without the possibility of parole.

As Manson's trial was filled with outbursts, like his followers shaving their heads and breaking out into song during proceedings, Lane made his own unexpected statement.  He suddenly turned around to face the members of his victims' families and said, "This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. F--- all of you." Gasps were heard around the courtroom then Lane flipped them the bird.

Lane had came into the courtroom wearing a blue button down shirt, but removed it to reveal the "Killer" t shirt underneath.  Prosecutors pointed out that it was very similar to the shirt he wore when he committed the murders.  

Lane did not attend  Chardon High School, he was waiting there for a bus to take him to the alternative school he attended for children who didn't do well in traditional settings.  His sister, Sadie, did attend school there and was in the cafeteria when the gunfire erupted.  Unaware her brother was the shooter, she fled with a friend to the teacher's lounge and took cover.  When it was discovered who the shooter was, officials came and took her from the office.  After the sentencing yesterday his sister Sadie gave a statement saying that the person in the courtroom and that did the shooting wasn't the brother she knew, but she loved him and hoped he could touch others' lives in a positve way.

Before being tried as an adult, a juvenile judge ruled TJ to be mentally competent to stand trial, despite reports of hallucinations and psychosis.  Yesterday Judge David Fuhry said TJ showed no remorse for his actions, and added that he was a smart boy who made good grades, and as exams showed he had faked the mental illness.  Fuhry said Lane was set to graduate early and was more than capable of faking initial examintaions.

Pic from Lane's FaceBook page before the shooting

 Lane pled guilty to the shooting last month.  He admitted to investigators he carried out the massacre, but couldn't tell them why, saying it was just something he chose to do.  Lane smiled and smirked yesterday as family members of his victims made statements, calling him an animal and saying he deserved "an extremely, slow torturous death."

Stories are now hitting the wire saying that Judge Fuhry says he didn't see the "Killer" t shirt or he would have stopped proceeding and had Lane taken and put into proper attire.

As I sit here writing this a story comes on the news from  New Prague, MN where a school shooting was reported, the media converged, but now reports are saying there was no shooting.  Why are these types of cases snowballing?  Mass shootings are commonplace on the news anymore.  Just here in this sleepy little area of Eastern Kentucky classes were suspended for half a week recently because an irate student upset with his financial aid returns called in some sort of threat.  Weeks before that A domestic dispute led to a young woman and her uncle being shot to death on the Hazard community college campus.  

So what's going on? I was in high school when Columbine happened.  Nothing like that had happened before.  In the years since there has been an increasing trend in mass shooting. Why is this new Ritilin fed generation making such outrageous statements? Yeah, there have been mass murders a’plenty in our history, but they were stories where a jilted lover took out his unrequited rage on a whole family.  Going Postal became a common term when disgruntled workers shot up their workplaces.  Maybe that has something to do with their current borderline going out of business state.  More likely is the rise in e-commerce and direct shipping companies. Big Brother Google is watching.  Anyway...

With wayward youth being so deadly desperate for attention and taking such outrageous rampages against their inner angst more and more often, shouldn’t something be done about it?  Spoon feeding them Ritalin and such doesn’t seem to have worked so well.  These kids should receive proper attention at an early age, before it’s too late.  How many more school shootings and mass killings do we have to see on the news?

That's the question.  And who's going to do something about it.  Obama's proposed gun control bills are phooey.  Every uncle I have has "When guns are outlawed only outlaws will own guns" bumper stickers.  Remember what they said in the 90s, it the PEOPLE that kill people.  My resolution to the crisis: Phil Robertson, 2016 (they need to update their poster and get this campaign rocking).


Uncle Si will be better than former First Brother Billy Carter, inventor of Billy Beer!!!

In memory of the Chardon victims
Daniel Parmertor , 16
 Demetrius Hewlin, 16
Russell King Jr., 17

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