Sunday, December 22, 2013

Orbs and Energy

When it comes to evidence of the supernatural orb pics are probably the most common, but also the most often misidentified.  Photos of purported orbs are often just dust, bugs, or drops of moisture in the air that are out of focus.  However, there are plenty of orb shots that can't be debunked as such. 

We've posted pics from a local church before.  There's a lot of energy in that place, and it has been theorized that the orbs that show up are everything from positive energy manifesting to actual angels.  

We got to looking at pictures taken at a local community center that used to be an old school.  The building is said to be haunted, and I have seen things there out of the corner of my eye that I couldn't explain.  There's a bluegrass show there every Friday night, and all kinds of orbs show up there too.  This has led us to conclude that there's some connection between energy and these orbs.  When the bands are picking and the audience is dancing and enjoying themselves, orbs show up in a lot of photos.  

Submitted for your approval are just a small fraction of pics we've collected from the community center, taken by Ma Gwen along with some new shots from the church courtesy of my buddy Sue Bunyon. Enjoy!

That's one heck of a bass player right there! (my Dad)

My cousin cuttin a rug and stirring up orbs

There's that awesome bass player again


Zoomed in and cropped from above pic...wings?


Thought there was a desk lamp behind his arm...was told there wasn't

Christmas play

Faces were blurred to protect the innocent.....and the guilty.

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