Friday, April 19, 2013

The Fear Cage

The Fear Cage is a term used in the paranormal field to describe the effects of exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields, or EMF.  Some people are thought to be more sensitive to this, and symptoms of exposure include paranoia, hallucinations, the feeling of being watched, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.  Here on Lost Creek we've decided to take the concept of the Fear Cage a step further, and apply it to everyday life.

There's energy all around us.  The Earth has a natural magnetic field that is influenced by the electricity generated by thunderstorms.  In addition, everything in your house that is plugged in gives off an electromagnetic field.  Paranormal enthusiasts coined the term Fear Cage to describe a small place, like a closet or little room, that gives off high levels of EMF.  Suppose a haunting was reported, feelings of being watched and apparitions in the basement of a house.  Investigators take a baseline EMF reading, and find that a small area with a lot of old wiring and maybe an appliance or two, is giving off high levels of EMF.  This could induce the paranoid feelings and hallucinations that were thought to be a ghost. 

The theory most paranormal researchers seem to agree on is that 'ghosts' need energy to manifest, and can suck the energy from batteries in use and EMF in the location, even from the investigator themself if you agree with that theory.  Rolling along with that, the 'ghost' can muster up the energy to show itself by draining it out of the environment around it.  IF this is the case, a Fear Cage, with unusually high EMF levels, could attract the 'ghosts.' 

Medical researchers have confirmed the relationship between EMF and human biology.  In 1981 F. S. Perry reported that suicide victims were unusually likely to live near high power transmission lines.  Researchers today are linking EMF exposure to depression, cancer, and suicide.  EMF exposure can interfere with electrobiochemical processes. Exposure to even weak power line frequency magnetic fields have been shown to induce depression-like abnormalities in neurotransmitter and endorphin levels.

In 2006 a Swiss doctor reported producing 'doppleganger-like effects' in a patient by electrically stimulating the brain. Other than epilepsy, which she was being treated for, the patient was physically fit.  When electricity was applied to her left temporal junction, she immediately felt the presence of another person in her extrapersonal space.  She described the other person as young, of indeterminate sex, silent, and with a body posture almost identical to her own.  She felt the person was located exactly behind her, almost touching her. 

The residents of Lost Creek believe that the notion of the Fear Cage can be taken beyond a broom closet with faulty wiring.  There's energy all around us.  What we do effects that energy, and creates our psychological environment.  If you go ghost hunting, with your adrenaline pumping, you're jumpy.  Even the calmest ghost hunter can get excited and spooked when the people and events around them get excited. 

What if Fear Cages exist outside those old broom closets?  Take for instance someone in a depressive state.  There's so much negative energy surrounding them, and they carry it around with them.  The folks at Lost Creek are thinking that a situation like this could produce a type of Fear Cage.  The person is stuck in the dark, hopeless, afraid.  How can they break out of this fear cage?  We think that they have to do something with that energy around them, find some way to transform it into positive energy; whatever means works for the individual would be acceptable. 

We're very excited about the Fear Cage notion, because we're gonna tie it in with our old blog on dopplegangers, string theory, 'ghosts in the machine,' and it's possible that we can come away with an explanation that makes it All fit.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, the Medicine Show is gonna run with this one, follow the butterflies, and see where they take us.  Stay tuned to see where we go!!!

Overhearing what they said, Jesus told them, "Don't be afraid, just believe."         Mark 5:36, NIV

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  1. Mandy, this is by far my favorite to date. I am incredibly intrigued and impressed with the content of this blog. You have a beautiful brain and I am glad to see you putting it to good use. This is a very intelligent theory, well written, and very much worth exploring. I think THIS is the one. THIS is your book. Stick with it. Ride this one out. Follow the butterfly. When it lands, the ripple will create a tsunami. It's gonna get you recognized.

  2. don't happen without muses. feel like this is could go somewhere if i keep at it. thank you for the compliments