Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spook Show Baby

The butterflies of Lost Creek have undoubtedly led us to the supernatural.  We spent years sneaking into old houses (getting arrested for trespassing once, thanks jerk) or spots we’d heard spooks had been seen, snapping pictures, recording audio, and holding our breath waiting to see if we could come away with evidence of the supernatural.  At the continued urgence of a couple friends, we found our way to this little church here in these hills.  This aint some case I read about on the internet, it's something the Lost Creek folks seen, we were there, witnessed the following.

While we were at first uber hesitant to admit it , the researchers here at Lost Creek have came to the conclusion that supernatural occurences can't be ruled out in this case. Personal encounters don’t amount to much when you consider ghost hunting evidence, because you can’t prove it to anyone else.  The only person I sat out on this journey to prove anything to was myself, and them personal experiences combines with other evidence and we get something that we can’t explain away as easily as an Ed and Lorraine Warren demon infestation case (which would of course have an outrageous made-for-tv-movie to go along with it) or a split second shadow blur on a TAPS camera.

Being raised in the Church of Christ and dragged along everytime the doors were open whether I wanted to go or not, was likely one of the biggest motivators that built Lost Creek and sent me running all over the tri-state area looking for spooks.   As an adult now, I knew a little about Pentacostal beliefs, just the basics, and didn’t know how it all works.   From what I'd catch between doodling in the church I was dragged to, on the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and they spoke in foreign tongues.  That was it.  Next day, back to biblical business as usual.  Then I get led to the 2nd chapter of the Book of Acts, and started wondering if they had it wrong.  Of course no two people are going to have the exact same beliefs and interpretations, but some of them are so important that they separate believers into different denominations.  I'm not going to preach a sermon, if you want to read it and make a decision for yourself, hit this link.

So when I stumbled in those doors that first nite, fashionably late, I hear what sounds like Jennifer Nettles, with a little more soul like Janis Joplin, and an awesome band up on stage rockin out, and everyone on their feet.   Back when I was doodling in the Church of Christ, my Daddy was one of the song leaders, and it went the old fashioned way, just sit there and "make music with your heart".  This place had  a rock show I would've paid admission to see going on and that was only the beginning..You could instantly feel an Energy in that building.  Going Jungian(Carl Jung, broke off from Freud and hit the ground running), there was a Collective EnergyI once had a tweeting conversation with Michelle Belanger, from A&E's Paranormal State and was told that energy built up in people could boil to a point it manifests.  The case we were talking about was a friend I was concerned about who was seeing shadow people and lightning bugs that weren't there.  

Rolling with that theory, if built up negative energy can manage to break out of it's cage inside the person, there would have to be a balance, and positive energy that built up, over a period of time or either case, could come bursting out and manifest couldn't it?  And if you've got a whole group of people collectively releasing that positive Energy, it would have to be possible that something spooky (used in the most positive way here, spooky isn't negative, just like it's used in the title, spooky on Lost Creek just means vibing with possible supernaturality [may have just made up that word]) could happen???

When I was dragged to that other church as a child, you sat still, kept quiet, and behaved.  Get too squirmy, get smacked.  From the door of this new place, I see everyone there on their feet, dancing, shouting, jumping.  Not my parent’s church!  It looked interesting, so I found a seat and took in the show.
Skip forward a couple days, and I’m looking at some Facebook pics a friend of mine took during worship.  We used to work together at a preschool and she’d told me for years “the only ghost is the Holy Ghost,” on every FB post I made about ghost hunting.  I immediately started seeing anomalies in the pictures.  Ghost hunters would call them orbs.  When I showed them to a couple people from there, some proclaimed it the presence of the Holy Spirit while others, maybe because they’re so convicted in their faith it can’t be shaken, laughed them off. It didn’t matter to them either way, they KNOW what’s up, and the pics didn’t matter. 

An hour later, I had ripped over 120 pics from her FB page that had anomalies in them.  Most were just orbs of light.  Some had a green tint.  The eternal skeptic in me considered the lighting, reflections, anything I could come up with to debunk them.  I checked on the camera, to see if the ‘orbs’ showed up outside the church – they never had.  Curious, I found some other pics taken in the same church by different people with different cameras, and here and there I’d find more anomalies.  

I was unsure what to make of any of this, but was hungry to find out more…starving.  The Medicine Show has never been limited to just apparitions and bigfoot sightings, we’re always open to learning all we can about different cultures, beliefs, practices, etc.  Spirituality is the most fascinating subject on Lost Creek, because it has the potential to tie everything together in a meaningful way.  

Going back to the Fear Cage blog, and the notion we've reiterated above, that everything is made up of energy influencing other energy, you could work under the assumption that the Holy Spirit that manifests when worshippers begin speaking in tongues and prophesying is the UberEnergy.  Hey, we’re open minded here, and open to anything.  So far, we aint been able to debunk anything from there, and have gotten evidence we weren’t even looking for.  Psych 101 tells us that our brains run on electrical impulses, neurons firing across synaptic gaps interpret our senses, store our memories, and allow us conscious thought.  Those electrical impulses that run our bodies/lives are….wait for it…..Energy! 

The next Medicine Show will look at how different parts of the brain are being used when believers are praying in tongues.  Why couldn’t this energy be manipulated by the Great Cosmic Joker to allow that untapped Energy to activate parts of the brain that baffles medical researches?  We don’t know, but we’re going our best to find out!
Do we have the answers? No.  Will we ever? Gonna say 90% no on that one. 

Maybe we’re not supposed to know the answers;  it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey to get there.  If along that journey we encounter the supernatural, we’ll stick around and check it out.  Can’t see abandoning a proven-by-evidence supernatural Hotspot for any reason, so we’ll keep going back and anxiously Watch and Wait to see what kind of New things Flow out of it.  

It's one of those mysterious things that sometimes leaves you with more questions than answers.  The researchers at Lost Creek are currently committed to continuing to find out what's going on with all this Energy, and will it probably end up being a lifelong project, but we'll give you some insight into what we come up with in future blogs.  So without further ado, presented for your approval, here’s just a tiny bit of the Spooky evidence of the supernatural that the Lost Creek residents have came across: (Faces were blurred out of respect and because I didn't ask anybody if I could use these, to protect the innocent, not the guilty...just the facts ma'am!)

Close up from the photo above, in motion? More than one?

Here's that one again, with the anomalies circled:

  Zoomed crop of the photos above.  Anomaly on the left could be in motion...?

Little blurry because of the zoom, but the anomaly is clear

Hard to see with the face blurring, but she was singing and the anomaly is right on her face...

Preaching happening, anomaly in front of the preacher...

Here's our favorite, for personal reasons.  Here's the original image first:

and here's it flipped, if you were there looking down, what you would see:

and finally, here's what some people saw in this pic:

I've seen tons of supposed ghost photos on the net of smudges and lens flares, but this one is Spooky (in the sense mentioned above)

That's just a sample of the evidence we're pouring through, and if we don't get moving we're gonna miss the Spook Show tonite, so til next time....


  1. Butterfly led you here for a reason. THIS is your story....time to tell it! GREAT BLOG! CAN'T WAIT to see where this takes you. Your journey has begun. No going back now! I am so proud of you! I KNEW it would find you!

  2. thanks for such high compliments! can feel this is goin somewhere, got it half figured out in my head, rest will come. alrdy got the next blog mostly researched, the butterflies take me where i need to go. Said earlier-quote of the day - it's not so much about the destination, but the journey that gets you there! these AREN'T coincidences, unless you go Jungian and admit meaningful coincidences, which he called synchronicities, as i'm sure u know, and that's where the butterflies take off from! and another recent meme - I dont wanna EVER go back...fightin til i accomplish what i've set out to do! keep watchin, nxt one will be up soon!!!

  3. I have complete and utter faith in you and your ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to...always have had that faith, even when you have a complete lack of it...I am glad to see you are finally realizing the value of your beautiful mind...finally coming out of your cocoon..can't wait until the butterfly emerges and flaps her wings...tsunamis everywhere with those giant wings ;-). Hang in there.

  4. had to take the scenic route, but makes for a better story in the end. uv had that faith when i had none at all. but u do your job, and look what happens! gonna need a good editor if i start the book thing.....

  5. The scenic route is by far more fun and educational. Learn from the experiences along the way and use them to enhance your future. You have the power inside of you. I know this. Harness it and you will be UNSTOPPABLE...I am all over the editing position if you will have me!

  6. ur makin my head swell, lol. don't guess i could just go find like a rock climbing harness and make it work ;) Soon as I get it all put together, Consider urself a hired editor. Got another wise beyond her years friend all set to be the manager, handle any scheduling, so u''ll hafta get with her or the finance ppl she hires to talk about your pay. hahahaha it's gonna take a team, but i've got a good one!