Monday, April 7, 2014

Cryptids' Possible Atlantean Origins

Cryptids are from Atlantis.  That may be true if the readings of Edgar Cayce are studied.  Information taken from his readings could explain the occasional sightings of sasquatches, lake monsters, chupacabras, flying humanoids, and all other critters the zoological world does not recognize. 

Who was Edgar Cayce you ask?  America’s Nostradamus, born here in Kentucky in 1945.  As a child he claimed to have been visited by an angel that gave him the ability to help people.  Edgar learned to put himself into a trance state in which he could correctly diagnose what was wrong with a certain person, even if they were miles away, and tell them what would cure them.  Cayce said the gift from the angel granted him access to the Akashic Records, a collection of all amassed knowledge ever thought.  Cayce gained notoriety and received requests for readings from all over the world.

Edgar Cayce
Cayce was put to the test by a group of doctors once.  He astounded them by correctly answering questions and making diagnoses.  The awed doctors then inserted a needle into his bare foot and were again astonished that Cayce did not show any pain response.  They went so far as to remove one of his fingernails trying to illicit a pain response, but failed to do so.  Upon awakening Cayce was understandably upset and decided that he would no longer go into his trance state and leave himself vulnerable without people he trusted in the same room.

In 1931 Cayce founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) which is still open today.  Its headquarters are in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Cayce used the A.R.E. to research and explore subjects like holistic medicine, dreams, intuition, ancient mysteries and spirituality.  They continue their mission of helping people change their lives through the information found in Cayce’s reading by hosting conferences, retreats, and publishing books.  

In all Cayce gave several readings daily throughout his lifetime.  Not all of them concerned the ailments of questioners though.  Hundreds of Cayce’s readings provided information about the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.  Accepted as allegory when first written about by Plato, the idea of a civilization far advanced from where we are even today has intrigued minds nonetheless.  Scholars (of literature if not actual history) have written volumes on the notion of the Atlantean utopian society, that ultimately sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Bits and pieces from different readings by Cayce tell the history of Atlantis, via the Akashik records.  The sinking of Atlantis came after two prior destructions, punishments for using their knowledge recklessly.  According to Cayce the Atlanteans became split into two factions, the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial.  The Children of the Law of One were the ‘good guys,’ peaceful, non-violent, and thus naïve.  If Belial sounds familiar to you, it could be because it has a history in Christianity of being a demon.  After ‘Legion,’ Belial seems to be the most referenced demon in Hollywood horror.  The translation of the original Hebrew word is “one who is worthless” or “never to rise.”  Whether the name Sons of Belial referred to a demonic force, or human nature personified in the Sons of Belial, who abused the great knowledge and power bestowed upon them, is unclear.  What Cayce was very clear on is what caused the third, and final destruction of Atlantis.

A summit was held in Egypt to discuss how to deal with the monstrous flying creatures that were terrorizing civilization.  The Atlanteans broke the DNA code, enabling them to shape heredity.  They created man-animal hybrids and enslaved them.  The creations were called Things and protected them.  The hybrids were their beasts of burden, and not treated well at all.  Some of the Children of the Law of One heeded the signs and omens of the coming destruction and fled.  Soon the Creative Forces destroyed Atlantis and the rest of its population.  

Those who escaped, according to Cayce, fled to what is now the Yucatan, Tibet, Peru and the majority to Egypt.  Here, Cayce said during readings, two temples were built for the ‘Things’ who had followed the Children of the Law of One.  The first, the Temple of Sacrifice, was constructed as a place where these unfortunates could have their feathered appendages and other animal-like features removed. The second, the Temple Beautiful, purified their souls and taught them creativity.  Theories connecting Atlantis to Egypt are as numerous as theories on who really shot JFK.  Many say the technology that powered Atlantis looked like that of gods to other people, and was treated as such.  One theory specifies that the Ark of the Covenant was actually an advanced capacitor that sat in the kings chamber of the Great Pyramid and transmitted energy to various machines.  

While all of this may seem to wrap up neatly with a bow on it, there’s the major loophole of what happened to the other ‘Things’ or hybrids who didn’t follow the Children of the Law of One to Egypt.  What of those that followed others that fled to different parts of the world, or else managed to survive on their own?  

It has been generally agreed upon that the ‘Creative Forces’ struck them dead eventually, or they perished during the Ice Age.  But science has shown us that man’s early ancestors lived through the ice age.  If they could, surely these creatures who were half animal would have an advantage surviving.  

What if some of these hybrid creatures survived, in small groups or on their own, occasionally encountering one another to procreate?  As the Sons of Belial created hybrids to perform various tasks, it would be expected that different animals were used.  This explanation could answer questions people have been asking for centuries about things they saw but couldn’t explain.

Sightings of creatures that had human characteristics, but not quite human, with animal characteristics as well, have been reported throughout history.  Apemen, batmen, merfolk.  The Jersey Devil, fabled cursed child of Mother Leeds from New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, is described as having the head of a goat, leathery, bat-like wings, horns, cloven hoofs, and resembling a kangaroo .  If that isn’t a hybrid, we don’t know what is.  

Is it possible that cryptozoological creatures reported from all over the world are the descendants (or actual survivors, but would have to achieved immortality, which is a task more likely undertaken by the Sons of Belial, but that’s another theory for another day) of the hybrid Things Edgar Cayce described from Atlantis?  During his life Cayce diagnosed and treated countless people and predicted events, including his own death right down to the day.  If Cayce is to be believed, the creatures that haunt our dark nights are our own creation, and perhaps a warning of what our rapidly advancing technology may bring about.


  1. Another great blog. Fascinating information. Do you know if the A.R.E. is somewhere you can actually visit? I would love to check it out on vacation this year. I am ever impressed by your topics and the thoroughness of your investigation and reporting. I have never heard of this modern day Kentucky Nostradamus. Thank you for teaching me something yet again.

  2. Yes! ARE is open to the public. I've wanted to visit since I was 12 years old. Thanks for stopping by!!!