Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Haunted Well

About a month ago my cousin Jody excitedly told me about discovering an old uncovered well under his house.  He described how creepy it was, and I had to see it.  A week or so later, armed with a camera, a video camera, and a couple flashlights, we crawled under the house not really expecting to find anything paranormal.  

Jody had told me about seeing a shadow figure in the hallway of the house during his childhood.  When his siblings got to discussing it, they had all separately seen a similar figure.  A couple of them described it as being short, about the height of a child.  Once we got down in the crawlspace, we realized the spot where they had all seen an apparition was directly over the old well. 

You couldn't have asked for a creepier setting.  Generations of his family had stored things down there.  A huge shelf contained canned food, dozens of Mason jars filled with corn and beans.  We mused over who may have canned them years and years ago.  Jody was like the guys on American Pickers, unearthing cool relic after cool relic.  I snapped picture after picture and left the video camera recording by the well.  Jody may have been a little nervous that we might come across a snake or rat in the tight space, but those didn't bother me, nor did the idea of an apparition manifesting right in front of us.  Those things I could deal with.  The spiders hiding in every nook and cranny were what had my nerves on end.  

Once I got around to reviewing what we captured down there, I was surprised.  So many pictures came back with anomalies apparent in them, then when I went over the video, something had communicated with us.  Following are a few photos that set the stage, and the video I put together with the evidence we got.  We're working on finding a time in the very near future when we can get back under the house and see if the spooky crawlspace and eerie old well will give up anymore of their secrets.

The well


Big brother Google isn't cooperating with us, so click this link to see the video, the photos, and hear the EVPs we captured at the well.

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