Monday, April 7, 2014

Rick Dyer Admits Second Bigfoot Hoax

Not really shocking anyone, Rick Dyer, the self-proclaimed greatest Bigfoot tracker in the world, admitted last week that his latest claim of having a the body of a Bigfoot that he shot and killed after baiting it with ribs, is another hoax.  The fake body was being taken around the country and could be viewed, for the cost of admission of course.  Dyer had more skeptics than believers this time around, who recalled his attempted 2008 hoax that cost a police officer his job.  

The 7 ft tall prop, 'Hank'

Included in the mission statement of the Lost Creek Medicine Show (which has yet to be written or published) is our goal of seeking out and exposing those who perpetrate hoaxes and mock serious investigation.  Such idiots faking evidence causes actual evidence to not be taken seriously. It is insulting to those of us who endlessly pursue evidence of truth.

The ‘I Told You So’ tour was scheduled to kick of in Phoenix in February at the annual International UFO Congress Conference and Film Festival, but event organizers opted to not include Dyer in their lineup, citing his past confession to hoaxing.  “We’re a credible organization; we really did not want to associate with a situation that could very easily be another hoax.  We basically told him no thank you, “ said Maureen Elsberry, a co-organizer of the UFO Congress and co-investigator of the Science Channel's “Uncovering Aliens.”  The tour continued to run into problems, eventually charging $10 to walk through a trailer and view the alleged body.  For $20 guests could view the body, ask Dyer questions, and were promised a copy of a Bigfoot documentary.  What they received were copies of the 80’s comedy “Harry and the Hendersons.”  Really Rick?

Prior to the tour, Dyer said DNA analysis would prove the body was the real thing.  He said samples had been sent to a university, with which, of course, he had signed a non-disclosure agreement, and was awaiting the results.  During the 2008 hoax he made a similar claim, stating that DNA analysis by the University of Minnesota showed that the sample came from a previously unknown species.  Dyer has also claimed that Hank was examined by a medical doctor who could find no fault with his claims, although he again withheld the doctor’s name.

So why did Dyer come clean?  The tour wasn’t making any money.  On his Facebook page he posted figures that are supposed to reflect the amount of money the tour made, which isn’t much.  Fearing the second leg of the tour would never happen, Dyer admitted the body, which he affectionately calls Hank, was made by Washington-based prop company Twisted Toybox.  Owner Chris Russell was contacted by Dyer and commissioned to create the Bigfoot corpse, which Dyer said was to be used in a movie.  Russell signed an agreement stating that he wouldn’t talk about the body to anyone, unless they mentioned the code-phrase ‘Project Footprint,’ which would mean it was someone from Dyer’s team who were in the know. 

In one of the most laughable Bigfoot hoaxes of all time, Dyer and Georgia police officer Matt Whitton cried out for media attention in 2008, claiming they had the body of a Bigfoot in a freezer.  When it began to thaw, it was apparent that it was nothing more than a rubber suit stuffed with opossum guts.  Whitton, who said the whole thing started as a joke and got out of hand, was subsequently fired from his job for taking part in the hoax.  Sometime afterwards, Dyer went on record saying the ‘real’ body was confiscated by government agents dressed in black in an act of conspiracy and never returned. Sure. 

Dyer's first hoax attempt

Several online campaigns such as this one (feel free to sign) are now actively urging authorities to press fraud charges against Dyer.  Yes, those people willingly gave their money away, but Dyer has been quoted as saying his passion for the Bigfoot community was fueled because he was tired of seeing people throw money away on fakes.  Hmmmm.  There is a difference in a hoax, which is done just for giggles, and Fraud, which is carried out in order to rip people off. 

It would seem that Dyer would understand that he would never be taken seriously after admitting to the 2008 hoax, but this latest fiasco proves some people do not learn from their mistakes. Seemingly embracing the idea that he is never to be taken seriously, Dyer posted to Facebook in March that he had found the body of Jimmy Hoffa. The rest of his Facebook page is ‘evidence,’ not of Bigfoot, but of his business partners and how they ganged up on him (?).
Rick Dyer’s shady past includes a 2011 arrest for eBay fraud.  Charges were filed after Dyer received payments from four people and failed to deliver the items, or delivered them in poor condition.  One purchaser from Canada paid for two Corvettes which he never received.  It’s worth mentioning here that Dyer’s day job is a used car salesman. I guess if you buy a car that breaks down the next day, he already got your money, and it was all just a joke. Also in 2011 he was arrested in Arkansas for Grand Theft Auto, although the charges were later dropped.  Then in May of 2012 Dyer faced charges of Domestic Violence against a pregnant person.  It appears this matter was settled out of court. 

After all this, Dyer still holds that he did shoot and kill a Bigfoot in September of 2012. Could he have actually done so, and dragged a fake body around instead of the real one? Anything is possible.  The reason we’re not buying it is Dyer’s statement this video that the entire Bigfoot community is just a bunch of hoaxes.   If that’s what he believes, then how could he possibly have killed one?  Our bet is that Dyer commissioned the prop maker hoping the result would be passable and seeing that it wasn’t, decided try and keep the attention on him by claiming he still has an actual body, after showing off two fakes. 

In an ideal world, Rick Dyer would soon find himself abducted by a sasquatch and become its wife.  A perfect ending to this story would be if Dyer was eaten by a Bigfoot.

Rick Dyer in all his glory


  1. Dyer never shot ANYTHING. This was confirmed by the FBI for me. I am is FORMER VP. He told me BS every day. The guy is a scum and a con.